How The Technology Works

Providing the technological basis upon which the Generation One scanner line is built, XV Technology™ is a four-dimensional lung function imaging analysis platform that uniquely and non-invasively measures lung function in real-time within the breathing lungs.

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XV will enable the Generation One scanners to provide highly-detailed maps of lung ventilation patterns and airflow and, thus, allow pinpoint identification of deficits in ventilation earlier than any other modality has ever done.

All of this is done non-invasively and with no contrast agents needed.

Please watch the video for a closer look at how XV Technology works.

A dedicated human scanner optimized and designed for XV Technology will be game changing for medical applications, because it will mean:

  • Earlier detection of lung disease, leading to earlier diagnosis and, therefore, earlier treatment
  • Low radiation dose, enabling imaging of children and infants
  • Enabling a more frequent monitoring of disease progression and treatment